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Cargo & Logistics Complete Solution for Operations, Service Allotments, Delivery, Transhipment, Missing & Fraud items Handling

Cargo ERP is an innovative cloud based cargo business management solution that simplifies bookings, operations, tracking and monitoring of goods that are to be delivered in real time. Cargo ERP enhances the way logistics businesses functions, by improving operations and business management with help of technology. Cargo ERP helps cargo operators to manage, process, and track a large number of goods across a range of routes. The platform helps operators in taking decision by providing accurate data and generating reports on revenue while providing real life communication updates.

Manage & Grow your business with Cargo ERP

Operation Module

  • Booking & Transshipment Details
  • Outgoing, Incoming Manifest
  • Run-sheet Preparation & Updating
  • POD update and Doc upload


  • Incoming, Outgoing Manifest
  • Receiving and booking Report
  • Sales Report, Target Report
  • Run-sheet, Rate Master
  • Overall Count Report
  • Load Handling Report
  • Payment Report, Etc..

Shipment Tracking

  • Provide tracking option on website
  • Shipment internal tracking
  • Shipment online tracking
  • Multiple tracking

Courier booking management

  • Bookings & Delivery Service Location and Branch creation.
  • Hub Management
  • Rate Card for Normal and On A/c Customers
  • Bookings, Dispatch, Delivery, POD update.
  • Consignment tracking.

Mobile App

  • Bookings, Dispatch and Delivery
  • POD status Update
  • Barcode Scanning of Consignments at Dispatch / Unloading.

Fleet Management

  • Performance History
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Route Planning
  • View vehicle on map
  • GPS Tracking of Vehicles
  • Trip Sheet of Driver and Vehicle

Billing & Invoice

  • Finance & Accounts Management
  • Customer Outstanding Report
  • Customer wise invoice
  • Doc Wise Invoice
  • Bill Submission
  • Invoice Tracking


  • Barcode for Bookings, Dispatch, Receiving and Delivery
  • Tracking of Shortage/Excess
  • Prevent Fraud by using Barcode.

Full Truck management

  • Bookings, Dispatch and Delivery
  • Vendor Management for payments
  • Customer receipts
  • Invoicing.


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