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Mobile Technologies


Mobile technology is pervasive and growing. With the increasing usage of smartphones and other portable mobile devices, businesses need to increasingly focus on providing personalized, omnichannel experiences to their customers. Popular strategies such as BYOD contribute to the growth of mobile workforces.

HJ Software Private Limited helps your business take advantage of leading mobile technologies. We build enterprise mobility solutions with role-based interfaces using scalable and secure technologies that can be integrated with your back-end business logic and data services. Our technology capability allows us to bolster your application with AI and other cognitive services.

Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Using React Native framework, we help you develop robust cross-platform mobile applications that facilitate efficient code sharing across iOS, Android, and web without compromising the application’s quality and end-user experience.

Native iOS Applications

Leveraging in-house MVCs using Cocoa Touch Framework, we help you develop native iOS applications written in Swift, typically using the XCode IDE. Building native iOS apps in Swift is ideal for projects with complex infrastructure.

Native Android Applications

We help you develop native Android applications leveraging Android Studio IDE, in-house MVCs, and RESTful APIs. By customizing the user interface and using additional widgets, we enable our customers to deliver unique user experiences.

Device Compatibility

We ensure that all the applications that we develop are compatible with the device types used by our customers. iOS applications are tested on iOS and iPad devices, and Android applications are tested on popular Android phones and tablets to ensure compatibility.

Mobile OS Versions Supported

All the iOS applications that we develop function well across the mobile operating system versions from 12.0 to the newest 13.3. All the Android applications that we develop are supported across version 7.0 to the latest 10.0.

Database/ Local Storage

Depending on the requirements of the application, we use any of these databases/ local storages/ abstraction layers – Redux, SQLite, JSON, Realm Database, Firebase, Coredata, p-list, XML, and ROOM.