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HJ Software offers offshore software testing services. Our dedicated team of skilled software testers, Offshore QA Lab, provides a full range of quality assurance services (QA), including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and reporting, control of software development processes. It is known that software quality and its conformation to requirements, standards and objectives underlies the effectiveness of such product. Our Offshore QA support software QA both for small and large development projects. We are able to test software product user-friendliness, stability, security, its adherence to functional and performance requirements, and some other aspects.

What we do:

Offshore QA Lab is engaged in the software development process at each stage to assure the quality of a software product and processes involved.

Our QA services encompass:

Review of:

Software Requirements / System Specifications / Project Plan / Software Architecture / Databases Structure.

Software Testing:

Functional Testing / Regression Testing / Performance Testing / Configuration Testing / Installation Testing / Code Inspections.

Usability Testing:

GUI Testing / Design Review.

And More:

Security Testing / Testing Automation / Supplemented documentation quality control / Internal Audits.

Why You Need Offshore QA Lab:

HJ Software customers make use of our offshore QA services when:

  • Independent audit of the software development services of a present offshore service provider is required.
  • Technical support cost reduction of an already developed software becomes a challenge.
  • Product quality enhancements are required to increase overall business profitability.
  • Onsite/nearshore software development process requires a dedicated offshore QA team.
  • Access to unique experience, specific testing platforms, and software licenses becomes one of the major customer's goals, and for some other customer-specific needs.

Key Benefits:

When working with our Offshore QA Lab, you are offered to gain the following benefits:


  • No language barriers - each member of the Offshore QA Lab speaks English.
  • Proper skills - when organizing a dedicated QA team, you are free to review the CVs of software testers and choose the most appropriate skills for your project along with personal interviewing and necessary tests.
  • Flexibility - synchronization of our working shifts with business hours in your company.


  • Cost reduction - our offshore software testing services are for 10% of USA Software Quality Assurance cost.
  • Team size adjustment - QA dedicated team can be scaled or downsized as per your business needs.
  • Planning and management - if necessary, you can remotely perform a full control over software quality assurance process planning and resources management.
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