The Testing phase comprises of nearly 30% of the total software development lifecycle and has emerged as a strategic function. Every defect found early in the software development lifecycle saves millions of dollars of revenues for the companies. A recent analyst study stated that ?finding and repairing software defects post-production, costs the average American company upward of USD 22 million and that 80% of software development dollars go to defect repair.?

Now with software development lifecycles crashing and constant pressure to release products faster, Testing practices have become all the more critical to ensure application/product release on time, within budget and with the agreed level of confidence that will provide software quality assurance.

HJ Software?s Testing Services focus on deployment readiness for applications/products to ensure the client has a competitive advantage in the market by delivering Functional Assurance, Better Quality & Enhanced Performance in addition to recurring higher cost savings on the testing efforts.

Functional Testing Services:

Product quality enhancements are required to increase overall business profitability. With our Functional testing services we verify that the application performs according to specifications. From the starting of a project our test analyst works with the client and the development manager to prepare effective test cases according to the requirements and use cases provided.

After the development of the first build our team of test experts executes the test cases and reports the findings in the Bug Tracker (a defect tracking tool). As a part of our test methodology we perform regression testing and smoke testing on the builds developed.

Our Functional Testing Services Covers:

  • Unit Testing
  • Smoke testing / Sanity Testing
  • System & Integration Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Globalization Testing
  • Exploratory Testing

Performance Testing Services:

Performance of an application is one of the major problems experienced by software development companies. We have experience in Performance testing of a software be it a Web based application or a client server application. Our performance testing services include load testing, stress testing, scalability testing, reliability testing and volume testing.

Our objective of performance testing is to break the application to avoid the last minute surprises and to demonstrate that the system meets the performance criteria.

Key Features of our Performance Testing Services:

  • Flexible User Scenarios
  • Dynamic Data Generation
  • Load Test
  • Real-world Load Simulation
  • Distributed Load Testing
  • Load Test Reports

Our dedicated team of skilled software testers and Quality Engineers provide a full range of quality assurance services, including test planning, test execution and reporting, control of software development processes.

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